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What is an Urban Chicken?


According to Wikipedia, "An urban chicken is a chicken kept in a city." 1

Other definitions include:

"A chicken from the streets"

"A non-rural chicken"

"A city-bred, domestic fowl"

But OUR definition is THIS:

A true Urban Chicken is an individual who is up for a challenge and a good time, someone who loves fresh air, getting to know the city, and having a blast with fellow chickens.

An Urban Chicken might use athletic skills, brains, or both to navigate a scavenger hunt and foot race.

  An Urban Chicken is ready to run, walk, or skip through the city finding clues and dares along the way. An Urban Chicken is willing to rustle some feathers and wet its beak by completing fun, silly, and ----maybe even a little weird--- dares.

An Urban Chicken loves to participate in events that help the local and global community by donating and giving back.

But more importantly, an Urban Chicken gets a thrill from a clucking good time, and earns the rights to squawk to friends about completing a race instead of roosting in the coop all day. Most importantly, an Urban Chicken relaxes afterwards by pecking away at delicious local food and tasty beverages, and reminiscing on adventures from the day!

How is Urban Chicken Race different from other scavenger hunt races?

Urban Chicken Race shakes things up by having different "Editions," sporting a unique theme for every race.  At Urban Chicken Race, we believe in supporting local business owners, such as restaurants, bars, retail shops, local artists, food trucks, and other vendors.  Urban Chicken Race is committed to giving back locally, nationally, and internationally by supporting two charities at each event.

1Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_chicken, (February 2013).


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